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El Paso’s Crime Scene, Trauma, and Unattended Death Cleanup

Circle BioRecovery is a renowned blood cleanup company offering quality services to our clients in El Paso, TX. We are providing our blood cleanup services including crime scene cleanup, trauma cleanup, and unattended death cleanup in different cities of Texas and El Paso is one of them. You can trust our blood cleanup services as we have a wide range of satisfied clients in El Paso. We understand how difficult is to cope with the stress and anxiety when a tragedy strikes. Recovery from such trauma is also not easy and you need time to recover from the horrific experience.

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Our dedicated team at Circle BioRecovery is adept at restoring safety and order in any crime or biohazard situation. Regardless of where you are in El Paso, we are here for you! So, what are you still thinking about? Reach out to us now to restore a safe and clean environment.

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How We Make a Difference

Many companies are working in crime scenes, death, suicide, and biohazard clean up and you may wonder why you must choose us. 

Here, we will discuss some of the features that distinguish us from others.

EI Paso’s Compassionate and Discreet Blood Cleanup Technicians

If you are in the heart of EI Paso and unfortunately, you become a victim of any crime scene or biohazard situation, our compassionate and certified blood cleanup professionals are sure to provide expert assistance to handle the situation. Circle BioRecovery knows how to assist you in coping with these hard times, whether you are a homeowner, businessman, or property manager.

Safety and Expertise

In terms of safety precautions, we follow all rules and regulations strictly. All our technicians put on gloves, masks, and goggles to protect the area from bloodborne bacteria and hazardous materials. No less than two trauma cleaners are always on the crime scene to take care of any situation.

Don't let a tragedy turn into a health hazard. Call Circle BioRecovery today for professional and compassionate Services in El Paso

The EI Paso Cleanup Process

If you trust us for cleanup services, we put our utmost efforts into coming up to your expectations. We value and respect your emotional attachment to your belongings. So, we try our level best to restore your property or other memorabilia in its original condition.

  • Preparation and Value The safety of our clients is of utmost value to us. This is why, we always ask you to refrain from doing any cleanups on your own before our team arrives. This can be catastrophic for your health. You should always cordon off the affected area until our team arrives. Our staff is well equipped to deal with the mess in biohazard situations. If you have any questions during the cleanup process, you are welcome to ask.
  • Going Above and Beyond Our aim is to make our clients completely satisfied with our cleaning process. This is why, we go above and beyond and try to salvage all the important personal stuff from the affected area so that you can cherish the memories of your loved ones. If any item needs to be discarded, we will also manage it and if something needs cleaning, we send it to the relevant department.
  • Unique Strengths and Advantages What makes our clean up services apart from others in El Paso is the same day scheduling for our community. We make sure that when any hazardous situation occurs in the El Paso vicinity, the clients get immediate assistance. We know what you need the most in such circumstances so we respond immediately by visiting the property on the same day within a few hours.
  • Timely Restoration in El Paso Circle BioRecovery knows the value of your time. So, we ensure that your property gets back in its original condition as soon as possible. Usually, it takes 1 to 5 days for a full clean up but this also depends on the severity of the situation.
  • El Paso Compliance and Regulations Our company adheres to all Texas rules and regulations. This is why our trauma technicians have blood-borne pathogen safety training. Moreover, we have a hazardous waste transport permit and a trauma scene waste practitioner permit.

Flexible Payment and Insurance Support for El Paso Residents

We cater to all of our clients from various backgrounds as everyone has a unique situation happening on their property. This is why, we help our clients with homeowner’s insurance claims. We provide all the details for making the claim process easier with your insurance. We also offer flexible payment options if you are paying from your own pocket. We make sure that the process is smooth for a hassle-free experience in these disturbing times.

Circle BioRecovery in El Paso ensures that your payment process with your insurance is beyond any hurdles. This is why, we can provide comprehensive reports and invoices which are crucial for insurance claims processes. We also make sure that all important documents like pictures of property, used equipment, waste material disposal records, and details of all cleaning products are provided if required by your homeowner’s insurance.

Call Us Now For Immediate Assistance

At Circle BioRecovery, we are not just a team of technicians for clean up services in biohazard conditions, we are your partner in times of need that you can trust with just a phone call. Our technicians are bonded and certified and we respond instantly to our clients’ calls. We have extreme empathy for our clients in El Paso which is a display of our professionalism as we want to help you with healing after a biohazard incident. You can call 24/7/365 on this number 855-203-0123 for immediate crime scene and death incidents.

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Our Coverage Areas in El Paso

We proudly cover all the areas and neighborhoods of El Paso which are as follows:

  • Downtown El Paso, El Paso TX (79901, 79902)
  • Central El Paso, El Paso TX (79903, 79905, 79915) Center District.
  • West El Paso, El Paso TX (79912, 79922, 79932)
  • Northeast El Paso, El Paso TX (79904, 79924, 79934)
  • East El Paso, El Paso TX (79907, 79936)
  • Far East El Paso, El Paso TX (79928, 79938)
  • Lower Valley, El Paso TX (79927, 79936)
  • Mission Valley, El Paso TX (79902, 79922)
  • Upper Valley, El Paso TX (79902, 79922)
  • Socorro, El Paso TX (79927)
  • Northwest El Paso, El Paso TX (79911, 79934)
  • Central Business District, El Paso TX (79901)
  • Montana Vista, El Paso TX (79928)
  • Vista Hills, El Paso TX (79936)
  • Tierra del Este, El Paso TX (79938)
  • Ysleta, El Paso TX (79907)
  • Castner Heights, El Paso TX (79904)
  • Socorro Mission, El Paso TX (79927)
  • Sunland Park, El Paso TX (79922)
  • Santa Teresa, NM, El Paso TX (88008)

Our Locations: Serving You Across the Country and Beyond

Frequently Asked Questions

What is biohazard?

Biological substances such as toxins, viruses, and bacteria that can cause threats to humans and animals are referred to as biohazards.

What is the cost of biohazard remediation in El Paso?

The cost of remediating a biohazard depends on the situation. Therefore, we assess the scene thoroughly and then present a fairly reasonable price because our goal is to serve our clients.

What type of services does Circle BioRecovery offers in El Paso?

We offer Hazmat Cleanup, Hoarding Cleanup, Homicide/Suicide Cleanup, Unattended Death Cleanup, and Trauma Scene Cleanup in El Paso.

How long does it take to completely clean a crime scene?

There is no definite time for each crime. However, an average practice of cleaning up a suicide scene can take up to 6-10 hours and a decomposition or death scene may require 15-20 hours on average.

Are you open on weekends or serve during holidays in El Paso?

We offer 24/7 service around 365 days a year.

Why should I be hiring professionals for a crime scene or biohazard cleanup?

The crime scene or biohazard cleanup requires a keen consideration of special protocols and regulations. Otherwise, it can cause legal violations and potential threats to human health.